Four bands for £5 at the Portland arms Doors from 19:00. first band probably 19:30ish. Come along for a sugar-rush of international indiepop!

The Glow Cats:
Playing their first gig outside Denmark. The Copenhagen band will be playing as an indiepop trio singing songs covering a diverse range of topics such as the famous five and cat naps.

The Centimes:
They are a far out three-piece-multi-harmonic-sepia-toned-rainbow-boned group from Cambridge. If you haven't already seen them or heard the buzz, you need to go to more gigs!

Roadside Poppies:
Playing a rare gig in Cambridge. Roadside Poppies will be fielding members from Cambridge and Copenhagen. They play pacy jangly guitar indiepop tunes with a sense of fun.

The Sweet nothings:
The Sweet Nothings are an indiepop band from Sheffield. They like pretty, sparkly tunes and they like big loud noise as well, so they thought they'd try and do both at the same time.

Grooving with the poppies! No. 4

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Grooving with the poppies! No. 3

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Grooving with the poppies! No. 2

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Grroving with the poppies! No. 1

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We'll be travelling to Finland on friday to play a gig at Bar Kuka in Turku. We'll probably be on around 22:00ish.

We've just had two amazing gigs in a row. One at the Cornerhouse in Cambridge with Martin who was over from Australia and another in Copenhagen with the full danish band! Photos from the most recent gig are viewable here:

Don't stop the pop weasel! when Cambridge invades Copenhagen on Saturday the 29th of June. 

Come along to the 4th Pop Weasel event in Copenhagen and start off the summer holidays with a jangletastic night of indie and pop played by bands from Copenhagen and Cambridge at Metronomen

The Centimes (UK)
Glow Cats (DK)
Karmadillo (UK)
Roadside Poppies (UK/DK) 
Younolovebunny (DK)

We'll also be testing a browser-based Pop Weasel Magic Fun Jukebox so bring your mobile phone or wifi device along!
We did these for a Bon Jovi covers album that never happened in the end. Martin described it as taking the cock out of the rock. I think we may have succeeded :)

We're working on some new recordings - this time featuring a real drummer instead of the backing midi tracks we've relied on before. This means the recordings are much more dynamic and representative of how we sound live.

We've got 3 or them finished now with an extra one to go and are aiming to release them as a vinyl single. We might self publish but if anyone wants to put us out on their label, they'd be welcomed with open arms!
At Metronomen in Frederiksberg (surrounded on all sides by Copenhagen). We'll have Younolovebunny, The Pedestraisn pets, Glow caps (Kasper from Ampel's solo project), Ampel, Roadside Poppies and Sock Puppets!


I'll be moving back to Cambridge in mid-may but hope to keep the band going in Copenhagen. Hopefully there will be more UK and Denmark gigs over the summer.


We've arranged a gig with Stockholm guitar popsters Moon Types and our Copenhagen friends Ampel. It should be a superb night of jangly guitar indie pop fun. We'll be playing at Metronomen Godthåbsvej 33, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. From 20:00 to 00:00

Hope to see you there!

I've been working on an Indietracks Festival Guide for this years festival. The inspiration has been Andrew Bulhak's iphone app from last year but the two apps are probably fairly different due to underlying differences between the Apple IOS and the Google Android programming models. Try it out here:

I'm going to use this entry to try and keep track of bugs and post any useful hints and tips I find. The app should hopefully be up on the Marketplace in a couple of days time.


We've organised our first gig in Copenhagen, and are hoping to make it a regular occurrence. We'll be treating you to some jangle-pop tunes from us, the perfect pop of Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and finishing off the evening with the lyrical and musical mastery of the Felt Tips. All at Huset on Magstreade, Copenhagen, on Thursday the 5th of May.

Doors open at 20:00, bands on at 21:00 and 50kr for entry. Look forward to seeing you there!

The Banana Hold-Up DJs will playing until 02:00

The Pop Weasel will not be stopped!

new recordings for 2011

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We've been working on some new recordings that we're hoping to release sometime in March 2011. So far we're planning an EP with the following songs.

Sunshine and rain
I'd run into oncoming traffic for Clare Grogan
If you can't have him have me
Miracles aren't what they used to be
Old Folks

We've been playing some of these songs for a while, but we're freshly recorded and mixed them to a much higher standard than before.

The next part of the plan is to write some new material and aim for an album later in the year.

the rest of the 2010

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We had a break after the Popfest and only played two more gigs before the end of the year.

The first was a gig at the amazing house at Gula Villan in Haningene, Stockholm. The gig had all the makings of an epic gig, Mads missed his flight and managing to catch a later one and making to the venue just in the nick of time. Nick himself had bravely volunteered to play bass for the first time. So we were late and under a little pressure for this gig. Unfortunately as we were so late we were a bit worse for wear by the time we hit the stage. Not one of our finest moments but we had some fun nonetheless. We were very sad to say goodbye to our jangly guitarist Mads who no longer had time to play in two bands. You can still see him on stage however, playing bass with Sock Puppets!

The second gig was an impromptu appearance at Pop Days in Berlin where the organisers asked Morten and I to try out acoustic versions of a song or two. As we were there with Kaspar from Ampel we played two poppies songs and a couple of Ampel numbers.

Since then we've been practising regularly and are looking forward to some gigs in 2011 
It's been a while since the last update but the gig at Studenterhuset definitely deserves an entry of its own.

We played here with Sock Puppets on the 8th of April for Copenhagen Student Radio. It was a lot of fun. Sock Puppets sounded great, Elise came in and sang with us as our main girl vocalist and everything went as well as it ever does. We sounded good from where I was standing and the backing 4-track worked, which is the most that can ever be expected of it or us .

The gig was going well and people seemed to be enjoying themselves when just before the final song, miracles aren't what they used to be, someone came up to the stage and asked if he could play the drums the sock puppets had used. We've only played with a human drummer once - and that was at Kaninkanon in Copenhagen when Mikkel came up and accompanied us on Miracles aren't what they used to be. Weird coincidence. Anyway Claus played really well and we invited him to join the band there and then. We only had a week to get ready for the Copenhagen popfest, but dear reader, nothing ventured...

So we've got our first gig of the year in Nottingham tomorrow but I'm pleased to announce our 2nd gig, just one week later in Copenhagen. It's at Huset near Magstreade doors open at 21:00 and tickets are a mere 30kr. The other bands playing are Ampel and Sock Puppets so this one is set to be lots of fun and great value at 10kr per band!


Gig in Nottingham 16/1/10

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Hi again, and happy new year. We're starting the year with a couple of gigs and who knows, we may even keep the momentum up and release lots more songs and play lots more gigs this year :)

We're going to be playing at the Speak Easy pub in Nottingham with the brilliant Red Shoe Diaries and the superb pop of Horowitz. More details: lastfm , facebook, anorak and myspace. We're really looking forward to playing our first gig of 2010 and having lots of fun. Many thanks to Ian for organising it all.

Our girly vocals for this gig will be provided by the ever-helpful Elise. We've been learning one of Martin's latest songs "If you can't have him have me" and I'm looking forward to some quality ba-ba-ba-ing.

We're playing a gig in Copenhagen the week after on the 23rd (which is also my birthday) more details soon.

. 4249704896_e00bb0c04a.jpg

I'm going to be converting digital bits to analogue vibrations at the second ever Banana Hold Up at Jolene Bar in Copenhagen, I'll be assisted in the task by poppies helper Elise. Im not sure when we'll be playing but it should be a fun evening of winter indiepop. I'll try and find some snow related songs for the night :)

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